[NS] How Murph and Emily say "I Love You"

2021.12.07 06:57 SantoDiablo [NS] How Murph and Emily say "I Love You"

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2021.12.07 06:57 asianaffairss A New Mission To Utilize The Use of Digital IDs

Processing img 81wfu36ff3481...
The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) has dispatched a mission to advance the significance of computerized IDs among the general population and cultivate participation between important organizations to accomplish coordinated advanced ID reception.
In view of this, The mission, called the “MEiD Seamless … Thai Services (Digital ID)” program, is essential for an administration push that incorporates enactment and significant norms. In July, the bureau endorsed on a fundamental level an improvement plan for advanced ID to work with online exchanges and guarantee security for clients using a facial confirmation administration.
Chaichana Mitrpant, chief overseer of ETDA shared that it was a test to make all applicable partners join significance to the reception of advanced IDs.
He shared that ETDA is speeding up endeavors to work on individuals’ personal satisfaction through advanced tech reception.
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2021.12.07 06:57 WrickyB Internet explained

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2021.12.07 06:57 Comfortable_Lab603 Is my job terrible or is this what I’m supposed to do? (long)

I started working at this mall pizza place in July this year. I had been applying for random jobs for the summer and had told myself I’d go to the first interview I get called for. I just needed some cash to put aside while I’m not in uni, plus I’d never had a job, so naturally an hourly one with flexible schedule seemed like a good option.
The first two months were alright. The manager is the best, and one of the only reasons I haven’t quit. I know most fast food places are full of all sorts of horrible people, but his presence is uplifting, he jokes around, doesn’t put us down for making mistakes and usually fits everybody’s wishes in the weekly schedule. However sometimes there’s nothing he can do, because we’re severely understaffed, so most of us end up having 60-70h/w, while being on a 40h contract. The people who are doing part-time usually get 30-40h instead of 20. You get paid from when you clock in to whenever you clock out, so overtime gets paid, not double, but there are no “u need to stay 2 more hours to clean and no ones paying u for it”’s. The pay is alright, a little above the minimum for my country, but that’s because we work extra. At 40 hours per week you’d make the minimum.
There are no breaks. You get to go pee/grab a quick snack to eat on the go if there are no people around. But that usually only happens in the beginning of the week, and you get scolded for taking more than 15 minutes, even if you’ve been working for 10 hours. It’s impossible to get a break on a Saturday. The people just don’t stop coming.
The place is a subway-type-of pizzeria, and in the shopping centre I’m working in there are two restaurants. One is on the food court so you have two employees working there, the other is considered the “less busy” one so you’re by yourself. You make the pizza in front of the person, serve it AND operate the cash register, no matter how many people are waiting in line.
I don’t know if I’m overreacting because this is my first ever job, but (tmi warning) I remember I once got my period on a 14 hour shift and for the entirety of it I could not change my pad so I bled through my pants. There was no one who could come for like 5 minutes so I could go take a break. This whole thing is just exhausting. If you get two rest days a week, you’re extremely lucky.
I have not left yet because my laptop broke and I need to save for a replacement, plus I have extreme anxiety and I don’t even know how to go about leaving. However ever since working there, I’ve gained 10 kilograms from ditching the gym, irregular and over eating, I’m covered with bruises from lifting stuff and being hit my random objects, and my hair is falling out from the stress. Sometimes I don’t even have time to showebrush my teeth, I just wake up, go to work, go home and repeat. It’s taking its toll on my physical and mental health, but I just can’t do it.
I feel really lost since my uni major is psychology and I’m no longer interested in pursuing a career in this field. I have NO idea what to do. I’d appreciate advice from people who’ve been through a similar thing, none of my surroundings seem to relate cause everyone has their “thing”. All I know is mine probably isn’t fast food.
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2021.12.07 06:57 agekkeman Princess Amalia of the Netherlands turns 18 today. Therefore, from now on her personal flag will be in use.

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2021.12.07 06:57 AdhesiveChild Mod to remove leaf decay ?

I'm playing a few mods for 1.7.10 and I'd like a way to stop leaf decay completely without changing the tick speed. I haven't found any way to accomplish this on forge no matter how hard I search.
Any ideas ?
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2021.12.07 06:57 Sham_Pain_Renegade Looks and writes a pencil? Fuck you, it’s cake

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2021.12.07 06:57 kinkyknickers96 I'm really curious to see why people agree or disagree with this post. Some women are incapable of doing anything due to the severe pain, so I think it's pretty valid.

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2021.12.07 06:57 NickAnsiaBoy Martina Smeraldi e Paola S 😏🔥

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2021.12.07 06:57 PeachFuzzMosshead Speakerphone Echo

Recently being told by people I call, if on speaker, that there is a significant echo on their end. Goes away when I switch to earpiece or Bluetooth. This may have started with Android 12 but I'm not entirely sure. Anyone else with this issue? I'm on TMobile in US.
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2021.12.07 06:56 Certain_Pomelo_3792 Cases for galaxy buds pro?

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2021.12.07 06:56 yesiamrich Scanned multiple times in Germany and hasn't moved since. Does anybody know if there's a delay? Once it hits Europe it normally gets to me within the next couple of days (In the UK) but it hasn't moved since the 2nd. CS just told me what I already knew about it being still in transit in Germany.

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2021.12.07 06:56 hQx7o7omMbZcBKLmG3bc レバノン 情報相が辞任 自身の発言で湾岸諸国との関係悪化招く | NHKニュース

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2021.12.07 06:56 getDhanam Mining profits with the steel industry

Mining profits with the steel industry Most people are betting on steel and power stocks because of the recent rally! But is the industry good enough to sustain investor's confidence? Let's find out.

Steel undoubtedly stands at the forefront of infrastructural development for an economy like India and is the most valuable raw material used in construction. It contributes ~2% to India’s GDP and employs ~5 lakh people directly and 20 lakh people indirectly. In FY21, the production of crude steel and finished steel stood at 102.49 MT and 94.66 MT, respectively with exports at 10.79 MT rising 121.6% since last year. According to CARE Ratings, crude steel production is expected to reach 112-114 MT (million tonnes), in FY22.
The steel produced here has both domestic and foreign demand as the per capita consumption of steel has increased from 57.6 kgs to 74.1 kgs during the last five years and due to China's losing business, metallurgical industries in India have been successful in attracting FDI inflows of US$ 14.74 billion.
Key moves by Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd in 1907 and Steel Authority of India in 1973 sparked the growth of steel production in India.
Steel exports trend in India:
Let's first understand the product we are talking about. Steel is an alloy, meaning that it is made by combining iron with another element, usually carbon. And proves to be an extremely useful and sturdy building material. It is obviously a main component of industries like construction, railways and automobiles, it is also quite vividly present in the making of consumer durables like irons, utensils, etc.
Here is how steelmaking is actually done:

Source: https://www.alphainvesco.com/blog/steel-industry-in-india/
Most of the steel requires a high rate of energy utilization (due to obsolete technology) and production of steel from iron ore requires solid quantities of coke. Iron ore and coke are both weight losing materials. Thus, most of the steel plants are located near mines. In India, there is a crescent shaped region comprising parts of Chhattisgarh, Northern Odisha, Jharkhand and western West Bengal, which is extremely rich in high grade iron ore, good quality coking coal and other supplementing raw materials.
Since the LPG move of the Indian government, steel prices have been determined by an interplay of domestic and international market forces of trends in raw material prices, demand, supply conditions in the market.
Its growth mainly depends on cyclical industries of construction and automobiles and therefore, premium products and consumer product spaces are able to churn out profits more consistently.
The steel industry, like any other metal industry, is a highly capital intensive one, and a ton of money goes towards buying coke. Indian banks are already grappling with bad loans (NPA) in these pandemic times and this makes it tough to raise money; hence the industry is dominated by a few players like Tata Steel, JSW Steel and the state owned SAIL among others.
Another problem in India that hinders the production is use of obsolete technologies that result in inferior quality products. Slow adoption of new age and efficient methods also weakens our position since other developed countries have adopted better techniques of handling raw material and logistics.
Being a cyclical and competitive industry, a surge in cheap imports from China, Russia, and Japan have dented fortunes. The volatility is also evident with the growth in 2016 being 3.8%, which fell to 0.5% in 2017 and again rose to 6.4% in 2018. Or, Tata Steel's stock price, as depicted in the 15 year time period below!
Source: Tradingview
To add to this, most of the iron ore is exported, since it fetches higher prices abroad and we are left with little to make our own steel.
Govt initiatives
The government has a fixed objective of increasing rural consumption of steel from the current 19.6 kg/per capita to 38 kg/per capita by 2030-31. Under the Union Budget 2020-21, the government allocated Rs. 39.25 crore (US$ 5.4 million) to the Ministry of Steel. The budget’s focus is on creating infrastructure and manufacturing to propel the economy. In addition, enhanced outlays for key sectors that would provide impetus to steel consumption.
Good prospects
The number one reason why India is one among the leading countries in steel production is because there are loads of iron reserves here. And also, easily available low cost labour, even cheaper than China, aids large scale production.
Steel industry derives its demand from the infrastructure industry as the government has decided to give it the necessary boost in the recent budget. The thriving automobile and railway industries are also seen as such that boost demand for the metal. Its presence is also felt in other important sectors like aviation and consumer durables. Here is a breakdown of the industrial consumption for steel:

Source: PWC research
India’s primary energy consumption of oil and gas is expected to increase a lot by 2040. This increase in demand provides a lucrative opportunity to the steel industry.
It has been pretty successful in attracting lucrative foreign capital and this in turn is expected to bring in data analytics and modern machinery like drones and artificial intelligence into the picture which can contribute to seamless client interaction and higher service levels leading to better financial performance.
Most of the Indian steel makers are striving for continuous modernization of older plants and up-gradation to higher energy efficiency levels.
This industry is heavily reliant on cyclical businesses of the automobile and construction companies.
Through observation, one can see that stock prices of such companies depend on the underlying commodities rather than their financial performance, i.e., they do well when metals are doing well. The best way to go about investing in them is by investing in them during the lows and booking profits during the highs. Buying at each further dip (a rupee cost averaging technique) also works well.
Being it an industry of a select few, here are the best ones to bet on, according to various analysts.

In a nutshell,
Though the iron and steel industry in India is grappling with various on shore and offshore challenges, if given necessary boost by the government and adopted emerging technologies well, can be a huge contributor to the success of the Indian economy at large.
More on https://blog.investwithtribe.com/
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2021.12.07 06:56 soror__mystica Nature pics for y'all

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2021.12.07 06:56 TheFiendMegacyber Do you think reporting a creepy kid prematurely will cause him to shoot up my school?

After the Michigan thing, my school has been pretty on edge and they created this whole threat containment team in case any boys exhibit pre-shooter behavior. There’s one kid who I’ve always been annoyed as fuck by and I think he’s like prime school shooter material. He hasn’t actually shown any real signs, but he’s white, creepy, total outcast type, has anger issues. Heard he’s got a fucked up home life. Like I said, prime shooter real estate. I think with my school being like hyper-aggressive with the threat prevention stuff, so if I report him, they’ll totally go overboard, and they won’t find anything because he hasn’t exhibited any signs yet. He may not even be thinking about it yet. I think it honestly might turn him toward actually becoming a school shooter. The reason I want him to do it is because there’s 4000 kids at my school so there’s a really low probability I’d ever be killed or even be in the same area it would happen, so there’s not much downside for me, but I’d be able to be like a ‘survivor’ type, and it would look fantastic on my college submission essay. I’m already writing my essay on surviving a school shooting, it just hasn’t happened yet lol (and yes, I know it’s premature since I’m only a sophomore, but I’ve always very much been a big ‘planner aheader’, and that’s always helped me a lot). My grades are good but not great, and I think this could really get me into my dream school, which I don’t think I have much of a chance of getting into otherwise. Do you think this will actually work? I really don’t know if this will end up being the straw that breaks the loner’s mind, so to speak, but I think it has a chance.
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2021.12.07 06:56 Fearless-Hand-1499 What's your favorite Netflix series?

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2021.12.07 06:56 Key-Condition-262 Backstabber 148 the Difference Between a Puppymill Bottom and Pekingese Paradise. Wake Up Backstabber or Keep Your Mouth Shut

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2021.12.07 06:56 Michelin123 I like, I like, I like! Keep climbing in the german market! In 2 hrs the US shorts will drop it, but THEY NEED TO PAY MORE!

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2021.12.07 06:56 Chikaros01 Easy Bendición Kappa

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2021.12.07 06:56 conbon7 I [22M] creeped out the girl [19F] I liked and it’s 100% my fault. Please laugh at me lol

TLDR below
Okay so we are both in this college group for about a month and half. I immediately like her just from a physical standpoint because her smile is super cute. Eventually once I see more of her I realize she has a pretty cool surface personality and super nice (you will see how nice).
So I like never make a move on a girl because the fear is way to immense but this time was an exception I felt like I had to or I would have hated myself. So I dm her on insta and we had a couple short convos for like two weeks. I’m super impatient and I ask her to go have lunch with me she says no and says let’s be friends.
I’m heartbroken and super devastated by I try the let’s be friends thing and I want to be the best of friends because I still liked her. Plus who knows maybe a small chance she would feel the same way. Anyways since we’re friends I thought hey I should show her this thing I made when I wanted to date her.
Now this thing I was told would creep out like most girls since I didn’t know her that well. I wish I had taken this advice to heart before doing what I did. I drew a picture of her and when I gave it to her I prefaced it many times begging to not find it creepy. I knew immediately once I gave it to her I messed up because it didn’t feel right. Though I thought I might have gotten away with it because she said “it’s good” so I just moved on and never wanted to bring this up.
Then after that she starts ghosting me the days after. So I asked did I do something wrong because I didn’t mean to. She says the picture I drew weirded her out. Then I panic sending full length messages of apology after apology for a couple of days. These apologies weren’t great because I was panicking they boarded on senseless. I then try to start a conversation that’s very forced. She tells me to leave her alone because she doesn’t want to talk to me right now. I said okay and did what she said. I have no idea why she just didn’t block me because I would have but she’s too nice.
Anyways since I have been avoiding her like 100% not looking in her direction and taking very weird routes to not go near her. Some small part of this is for her but in reality it’s for me because when we actually had to be near each other for our group meeting I literally wanted to cry when I saw her. I feel guilty for making her uncomfortable and because I know I blew it badly.
Last thing I did so far was send her one final DM. That said basically “in retrospect what I did creepy, how I reacted sucked and only talk to me when your comfy. If there’s anything I can do lmk”. She left it on read and I was expecting that but I hope it made her feel better.
TLDR: showed girl I liked art I drew of her. She found it creepy. Spammed apology’s to her. Told me to leave her alone. I am leaving her alone besides a final “that was creepy and talk to me only when your rdy” dm
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2021.12.07 06:56 thememelordH Ye I enjoy this song

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2021.12.07 06:56 tdtwedt Dave Kranzler on Ark Invest, Bitcoin and Systemic Risks

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2021.12.07 06:56 HydreigonOsu Going on a flight with Shin Splints

Hello, 19 Male here. I have shin splints and two months ago I went on a flight, and afterwards my shins reallllly started hurting a lot. I'm 99% sure this was because of the flight and I was wondering if there was anything I can do to make sure this pain doesn't come back. I saw online that compression socks might help but in general I couldn't find much information.
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2021.12.07 06:56 bakegoodbread Cadude just mentioned ATER so I'm loading more we gonna get so rich boys shorts are gonna be so fucked LFG 🤑🤑🐳🐊!!!

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