[2021 Day 6 (Part 2)] Some stats for Day 6 "Lanternfish" of Advent of Code 2021

2021.12.07 06:36 nik-narmo [2021 Day 6 (Part 2)] Some stats for Day 6 "Lanternfish" of Advent of Code 2021

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2021.12.07 06:36 hitinah don't you just love it when your brain conjures up fake scenarios to piss you off slay

i have a boyfriend right now, and i've been doing quite well emotionally i'd like to think. but my brain keeps thinking about triggering stuff regarding him and his views on poly relationships. he thinks poly relationships are neat and said he'd be apart of one. i, of course pissed but didn't want to make that clear, asked him how he would feel if the poly relationship included men. and his response was no because he'd feel "threatened" by another man, but girls are ok because he likes girl on girl.

of course we communicated and i told him that it made me uncomfortable and he respected that and apologized but god it pissed me off so fucking much. i tried to ignore it but i can't help but feel rage, i can't help but split. because what if he's thinking of other girls right now? what if one day i just come up to him with another girl and he'd be down? so my brain is just making up scenarios where he gets friendly with other girls or he flirts with other girls, and now i'm thinking about splitting and plotting "revenge" aka wanting to make him feel the way i feel through jealousy.
i thought i had gotten better with this but i haven't. the only different is i'm self aware now, and not as impulsive as i was when my bpd was peaking. so instead of doing this instantly without thinking, it just lingers in my head like a cloud.
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2021.12.07 06:36 WorthGroundbreaking9 Electric Scooter Market Growth Prospect, Future Trend, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecasts 2020 to 2026

According to a new research published by Polaris Market Research the Electric Scooter Market is anticipated to reach over USD 51,324 million by 2026. In 2017, the retro product segment dominated the global market, in terms of revenue. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the leading contributor to the global market revenue during the forecast period.
Several stringent vehicular emission norms passed by governments worldwide have boosted the adoption of electric scooters. Growing concerns regarding environment, depleting fuel resources, and increasing need to reduce fuel consumption further support the growth of this market. Additionally, the increasing acceptance and high success rates of electric cars have encouraged market players to apply similar technologies in the two wheeler segment and optimize performance. Increasing investments by vendors in technological advancements coupled with decreasing prices of Li-ion batteries and powertrain components would reduce the overall cost of these vehicles in the coming years, further boosting the market growth.
Request for sample copy of this report @https://www.polarismarketresearch.com/industry-analysis/electric-scooter-market/request-for-sample
The demand for electric scooters has increased significantly over the years owing to increasing prices of gasoline across the globe. The exponential growth in the prices of gasoline and diesel owing to the depleting fossil fuel reserves has encouraged consumers to switch to electric scooters. Limited availability of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles has limited the adoption of these vehicles in the past. However, with significant government initiatives and substantial investments, the development of public charging infrastructure has accelerated significantly.
Governments all across the world are taking initiatives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. Countries such as China, India, France, and the U.S. have invested significantly in the development of charging infrastructure to support market growth. Governments have also introduced stringent regulations regarding vehicular emissions to encourage the use of electric vehicles. In 2016, Canada invested $62.5 million to support electric vehicle (EV) and alternative fuel infrastructure. It also aims to invest $16.4 million for development of more than 80 new charging units for electric vehicles, along with development of natural gas and hydrogen refueling stations along key transportation corridors. In August 2012, the Government of India approved an investment of 230 billion rupees in the development of electric and hybrid vehicle production and aims a target of 6 million vehicles by 2020. These initiatives by the government are expected to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the coming years.
Request for Discount on This Report @ https://www.polarismarketresearch.com/industry-analysis/electric-scooter-market/request-for-discount-pricing
Asia-Pacific generated the highest revenue in the market in 2017, and is expected to lead the global market throughout the forecast period. The increasing disposable incomes in developing countries of this region, and rising environmental concerns drive the market growth in the region. The increasing population of vehicles and adoption of vehicular emission standards of the U.S. and European Union by Asia-Pacific countries further promotes the adoption of electric scooters. Development of public charging infrastructure further supplements growth in the region. Local players are introducing low cost electric scooters with high performance. Numerous key players have adopted partnership and expansion strategies to increase their market share in electric scooter markets of the Asia-Pacific region.
The different battery types used in electric scooters include lead-acid, li-ion, NiMH, and others. In 2017, the lead-acid segment accounted for the highest market share. Lead-acid batteries are commonly used as a source of battery in electric scooters. They are comparatively cheaper than other batteries but offer low kilowatt-hours of energy storage per kilogram of weight. These batteries are inexpensive, reliable, and safe. However, these batteries offer low specific energy, short life cycle, and poor cold-temperature performance, which restrict its use in major applications. These batteries could be easily replaced by lithium-ion batteries in the coming years, however, automakers use it in vehicles owing to its low cost.
The well-known companies profiled in the report include Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Brammo, Inc., AllCell Technologies, LLC, Mahindra GenZe, Terra Motors Corporation, Yamaha Motor Company Limited, Suzuki Motor Corporation, KTM AG, Peugeot Scooters, Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co. Ltd., Green Energy Motors Corp., and BMW Motorrad International among others. These companies launch new products and collaborate with other market leaders to innovate and launch new products to meet the increasing needs and requirements of consumers.
About Polaris Market Research
Polaris Market Research is a global market research and consulting company. The company specializes in providing exceptional market intelligence and in-depth business research services for our clientele spread across different enterprises. We at Polaris are obliged to serve our diverse customer base present across the industries of healthcare, technology, semi-conductors and chemicals among various other industries present around the world
Contact us
Polaris Market Research
Phone: 1-646-568-9980
Email: sales@polarismarketresearch.com
Web: www.polarismarketresearch.com
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2021.12.07 06:36 Sensitive_Charge4405 [USA-GA] [H] PS5 and PS4 Digital Code For Human Fall Flat for $14 [W] PayPal

Digital code of human fall flat at a discount.
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2021.12.07 06:36 GreenWorldArtisan Looking for dummy battery for Lumix G110

Hi guys. I bought a Lumix G110 and now want to buy a dummy battery for longer videos and time lapse, but Am not sure which dummy will fit the device. Any indication on what to look for?
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2021.12.07 06:36 Mark_9471 Toronto's Industrial yard: Driving to Cherry Beach

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2021.12.07 06:36 Mark_9471 Toronto's Industrial yard: Driving to Cherry Beach

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2021.12.07 06:36 tangomiowmiow What's up with the Jake Gyllenhaal hate that sprung up on r/shittymoviedetails ? I've been seeing it a lot all of a sudden.

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2021.12.07 06:36 Dazed_kitsune Y’all’s I casually got bestie zoned… is this a good or bad thing?

We were just chatting abt casual stuffs and he was like “yeah ofc you’re my best friend”
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2021.12.07 06:36 dark_stapler China, the CCP, and Evergrande - Controversy Lies Here - Educational DD

China, the CCP, and Evergrande - Controversy Lies Here - Educational DD Preface This DD is all about China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Apes have written a lot about US markets and western market structure, but have a blind spot for what's going on overseas. This DD aims to clean that up a bit. The connection to GME is through Evergrande and contagion. I will present a counter-SuperStonk narrative on Evergrande and back it up with the social data/information I have available. This will set off many Apes' snek senses, as apes are still learning how to handle new information that goes against the prevailing narrative. You've been warned! Read on with a skeptical eye and trust in the wrinkle brain system if you're unsure of the validity of my viewpoint. At the end of the day it's just my perspective, and might be totally wrong.
Please note I'm just an enthusiast of Mandarin and Chinese culture. I'm some random American who learns about China for fun. I'm not a native speaker, don't have any Chinese heritage, and have never been to China. Salt grains are recommended.
Please be aware that we will be taking a critical look at the CCP. This by NO MEANS is a criticism of Chinese people or China in general. There are a lot of very harsh details in here, and some extremely harsh history. Please remember as you read these harsh realities are from the CCP and not innate qualities of Chinese people in any way. The Chinese people are a wonderful and vibrant group of diverse cultures with a rich history. They deserve the best lives the world can offer. However, the CCP warrants strong criticism, as we'll see written below.
We will first cover the context of pertinent Chinese history, key societal concepts such as "face", and build up an understanding how the Chinese real estate bubble was inevitable. We'll also dissect what the Evergrande situation looks like from our new perspective on Chinese culture and a new understanding of how the CCP works.
WTF is the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP)? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is becoming more well known in the west, so hopefully you've heard of them by now. Still, most people (apes included) don't really know jack-shit about the CCP and it's a bit of a travesty in my opinion. Let me lay down a few quick bullet points as assertions. We'll unpack them throughout the rest of this DD. This will be our springboard starting point to give the CCP some contextual definition.
  • The CCP has Communist in the name, but it's not really in any way communist nowadays. The CCP originated from Communist roots from the Mao era, however, nowadays they've simply become an authoritarian Oligarchy that has patched in a core capitalist economy oversaw by the central regime.
  • There is no democracy in China.
  • If you've read 1984 (a cliche reference, I know), the CCP has implemented many facets found in Orwell's book. The most notable of which is their propaganda arm. This is the most challenging part for Westerners to understand, as their propaganda works very differently and serves different functions than Western propaganda. More on this later.
  • The US is engaged in an existential cold war with China and has been for decades. It will not end unless the CCP is neutralized, or the US collapses.
  • There are multiple factions within the CCP pitted against each other. They are not entirely unified despite common belief. Working for the CCP is a precarious endeavor, best characterized as a chess game of death for the higher ranking officials.
Hopefully you can see the way the CCP works and their motivations are vastly different than any system in the West. However, with a little due diligence we can understand them much better.
China vs the CCP A major influence of the CCP's propaganda is to conflate China, or Chinese people, with the CCP itself. The idea is that if you criticize the CCP you're criticizing all of China, or all of Chinese people. It's important to draw a clear distinction between the two. Chinese people are wonderful people and deserve the best the world has to offer. The vast majority of Chinese people are not a part of the CCP in any way, and simply try to live the best life they can. The CCP is a small slice of elites who have ultimate control over everything in Chinese society, and structure themselves in a hierarchical manner. We can criticize the CCP without any criticism of the Chinese people, or China in general.
Guanxi (connections) and Face There's a term called guanxi (pronounced with a tone followed by a falling tone, guānxì in pinyin), or 关系, which means "connections". It's a form of nepotism deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy and old Confucian doctrine. This lays the foundation of how Chinese society works -- the connections are of utmost importance and drive fundamental decision making and motivation.
  1. High tone
  2. Rising tone
  3. Falling then rising tone (overall it's a low tone)
  4. Falling tone
As a side effect the concept of "face" arises, or mianzi 面子, or miànzi in pinyin. It's not a very easy thing to translate to English as there is no direct analogue.
Face is mostly a combination of pride, dignity and prestige all mixed together. It's the notion that the impression of something is more important than the actual thing. Face must be maintained and nurtured over time as it can be both gained and lost depending on how strong or weak a person's connections (guanxi) are. In general a top social priority is to maintain face and strengthen face. A great and pervasive fear everyone in Chinese culture shares is that of losing face. Usually an actions consequences are feared in terms of losing face, and less in terms of feeling guilty or breaking some moral code.
The CCP operates on the basis of face internally and externally. Often times the CCP's foreign policy will retain a loose pretense of addressing actual foreign entities, but with the primary function to manipulate face internal to the party itself.
CCP Crackdowns and Social Control The CCP has a long history of "cracking down" on things. These crackdowns are top-down mandates from the central government, issued out to local governments for implementation. Most of the time these crackdowns are vague posturing. Sometimes these crackdowns are serious.
Generally the "fake" crackdowns are ones the local governments simply cannot, or are unwilling to implement, or are simply a low priority (only issued for purposes of face, like a kind of lip-service). An example of a "fake" crackdown would be the innumerable bans on various kind of TV shows, movies, songs, etc. Generally Chinese citizens are able to "break" the law and circumvent these sorts of rules without any punishment. However, if at any moment the CCP wants to target someone and maintain their own face, the classic strategy is to cite any one of their laws and bring someone in for punishment.
The default is for a lot of rules to not be enforced at all, and instead people generally get by through bribery. For example, if you want good medical care in mainland China the default strategy is to bribe a good doctor for proper treatment. Or to bribe the police to avoid a particular incident. Bribing runs very deep and is an aspect of the guanxi and face culture. "Dirty laundry" is generally accepted as long as it remains hidden from plain view. You have to remember the vast majority of people in China are not members of the CCP and are simply trying to live their life. Often times the only way a typical Chinese citizen can get anything done in proper order is through small bribes. It's a part of their social structure and pervades everywhere.
An example of a very serious crackdown would be the party's oppression of the Falun Gong meditative practice. A fairly recent philosophy and meditative practice, Falun Gong is more or less a Chinese-style yoga where people do a lot of sitting around, meditating, and in general practicing a peaceful relaxation technique. It became wildly popular after starting just a couple decades ago, the founding text coming about in 1995. Many CCP members practiced Falun Gong.
The second largest faction in the CCP is run by Jiang Xemin, the CCP Battletoad. To strengthen his position in the CCP he started a massive persecution campaign against Falun Gong. Jiang Xemin runs a huge branch of the military and controls a very large propaganda arm of the CCP. By creating an enemy of Falun Gong he created an artificial demand for his, for lack of a better description, persecution machine. This machine still exists today, and is used to enact the Uyghur genocide going on right now.
The "crackdown" related to GME is the intentional popping of the Chinese real estate bubble. More on this later.
The key takeaway is that most crackdowns aren't "real", and more resemble a fad than anything else. Most westerners, especially western media, are unable to distinguish between fake and real crackdowns, and assume all crackdowns are real simply because they don't understand the CCP. However, the real crackdowns are devastatingly serious, though not very common. They can be so serious as to be used for critical campaigns to establish power among the various factions within the CCP itself. This means that the "real" crackdowns are, for high ranking CCP officials, usually a matter of their own life-and-death.
Operating A Business in China In China all property is owned by the CCP. At any moment they can seize anything from their citizens for any reason they see fit, or for no reason at all. In practice the CCP intervenes based on their own internal priorities and motivations, and most of daily life remains untouched by direct CCP intervention.
Generally the CCP won't intervene in a company's or individual's affairs much, if at all, until they make enough money, gather enough clout, or gather enough influence to fall onto their radar. At that point a number of things can happen, but the most common would be to include a salaried branch of the CCP within the company. This provides a direct line of contact for the CCP within any company they care about.
This is how the CCP enforces things like forced technology transfers. This transfer process has even extended to many western companies, such as General Electric (GE). You might be wondering why GE has gone from one of, if not the most important western technology and manufacturing company. The primary reason GE failed is due to a lack of competitive advantage and economic moat in the market. Why didn't GE have these things? The main reason is that GE thought they could enter the Chinese market and reap huge amounts of untapped profits from their huge populace. However, it's always the same with the CCP. They use their market as a honey trap for American companies, but never really grant access and instead steal both IP and technology to setup their own local copies of western companies and strategies. GE isn't the only one, there are countless examples.
It's not just companies that come under scrutiny of the CCP. Anything that gets too popular triggers the CCP to crackdown or suppress. For example, recently there's been a fairly large-scale persecution of popular Chinese actors, and even an attack of feminine looking pretty boys. Various Chinese idols and CEOs have been "disappeared" for long periods of time, only to resurface later out the blue as if nothing ever happened. Generally these people are put under complete round the clock watch, and/or tortured in order to re-educate them and conform. A recent example would be the disappearance of Jack Ma, the former executive chairman of Alibaba, the Chinese Amazon, for criticizing the CCP saying they "suppress innovation".
Another example going on right now is the disappearance of Peng Shuai the Chinese women's tennis player.
Similarly, the aforementioned crackdown on Falun Gong falls under a similar category: once Falun Gong became popular enough it became a prime candidate for a crackdown.
In a similar vein the Chinese real estate bubble has also caught attention of the CCP, as we're seeing right before our eyes a typical CCP crackdown.
The Chinese Real Estate Bubble and Famine History Hopefully the previous sections have given enough context to understand why the Chinese real estate bubble exists. We must realize for all Chinese citizens they have almost no access to any kind of real investment they can trust. On a societal level if everyone fears their investment, or accumulation of value, can be stolen or invalidated at any time the natural strategy is to spend what you can right now. You'd be a fool to save for the future. Grab what you can now becomes the norm. And to a large extent this idea goes deep in Chinese society.
We have to remember that an entire generation of people, many of which are still alive today, experienced the largest recorded famine ever known during the Great Chinese Famine. Here's a video explaining a bit about Chinese famine history and how it relates to the modern day over-fishing epidemic. There are multiple reasons this massive famine occurred, one of which was a massive war on sparrows declared by the CCP. So many sparrows were killed it caused a plague of locusts to eat all the crops, and sparrows had to be imported once again from Russia.
Many people who survived this traumatic time are forever changed, and don't have an innate trust in the social safety to save for the future. On top of this, the CCP can take anything over in the blink of an eye, or create a new rule that renders a particular business model obsolete overnight.
There are only three ways a Chinese citizen can invest nowadays.
  1. Real estate leases.
  2. Criptoe currency.
  3. Foreign assets.
2-3 are only accessible to the more wealthy Chinese who have access to foreign assets, and are more or less the same strategy used together. It's not allowed for Chinese citizens to move their currency from RMB, the Chinese currency, into a foreign currency, except in very small amounts or through direct CCP approval (only acquirable through incredible guanxi connections with the CCP or being a high ranking CCP official).
A typical strategy for a more wealthy family, one who perhaps has some serious CCP connections or family members, is to send their children abroad to study. Often times they can achieve an investment or student visa for their family. The family then funnels, often enormous, amounts of cash to their child who then invests in things on behalf of the family, such as real-estate or even cars.
An extremely popular method to convert RMB to foreign currency is through criptoe, which is in my opinion the primary reason for the explosion of criptoe in the last 5 years or so. You may have heard a few months back about the CCP's ban on all criptoe transactions, which caused a temporary panic in the criptoe market. At the time I knew this was clearly one of the "fake" crackdowns, because the CCP doesn't have the technology or expertise to enforce such a mandate. Also by understanding Chinese society and the huge demand their citizens have for criptoe, it's a no-brainer such a crackdown would not have much an effect beyond short term fear.
That leaves just one option for the vast majority of Chinese citizens - Chinese real estate leases. Keep in mind all the land and buildings are technically owned by the government, and long 99-year leases are bought and sold for speculation and investment purposes.
However, this real-estate bubble is unlike any bubble I've ever heard of in the West. Please watch this video about ghost cities in mainland China. It sheds some light on the state construction in most of these speculative assets. The typical apartment used in real-estate speculation is merely a concrete box in the sky, often times not even finished, where nobody lives merely used as a speculative asset.
The YouTube channel China Uncensored (I highly recommend this channel for educational and news purposes) has quite a few videos on "tofu dreg", the style of construction that resembles the crumbly bits of tofu leftover after cooking a batch of tofu.
Another channel called ADV China (another channel I highly recommend for current news and education) has some videos on Chinese construction and the real estate bubble.
By understanding famine history we understand the social context of Chinese culture; many older Chinese folks are extremely weary of long-term investment. This creates an extremely high demand for long-term investment, since the supply is so low, as time goes on and the younger generation (who haven't directly experienced famine) are looking for ways to take care of their older family members (a practice of filial piety). With such an extreme demand the real estate bubble became an inevitability, as it's just about the only option for investing available to almost all Chinese citizens.
Evergrande - Real or Fake Crackdown? Evergrande popping is a product of actual CCP rule changes. Housing in China has become extremely expensive.
As laid out by Adam Khoo from youtube, some new rules that were rolled out by the CCP were designed to cut back on the speculative bubble in a controlled manner.
The video by Adam Khoo on Evergrande is a must-watch. He describes the differences between 2008 Lehman Brothers and Evergrande and makes a very strong case that contagion will not spread and cause a 2008-style crash. I hold the same opinion as well.
The thing about the CCP is they have a lot of control over their economy and social structure. A prime directive of the CCP is to maintain social order and avoid panic. From the CCP's perspective the masses are easy to control if they are placated with money. However, once the money stops rolling in things can get pretty dicey for the CCP, including riots and social unrest (which is usually rather violently suppressed).
The CCP is deflating large real estate companies in a controlled manner. Their assets are being chopped up the CCP and dished back out to other more favorable companies. The insiders with connections will survive, and fall-guys will be set up to take the blame. A tried and true strategy of the CCP is to blame local officials of local governments for problems caused directly by the central government. This is exactly what happened during the initial outbreak of Covid, as the Wuhan mayor was originally blamed for the spread of the pandemic.
Contagion Risk China has a long-term debt-trap strategy called the Belt and Road Initiative. The general idea is to enter into smaller countries, and some larger western ones such as Italy, construct infrastructure out of tofu dreg (defined above), with promises of economic success as a result of the new infrastructure. Often times these projects are greenlit through guanxi connections, or a process known as elite capture, aka bribery.
A common way the Belt and Road Initiative is put into practice with the goal of purchase long 99-year leases of crucial sea ports around the world.
This is all a part of their long term influence expansion plan, and is also a part of their cold war with the United States, and the west in general. Yes, you read that right. The CIA itself has announced years ago that the US is in a Cold War with China, whether the US wants to be or not.
For those in the West that have bought Chinese bonds have fallen for their classic honey-pot trap. The CCP has devised a way to both pop their speculative bubble before it causes too much internal harm, while also weaponizing it against the west. By selling junk bonds or other investments to the west, they will simply not pay westerners when push comes to shove, leaving foreign investors in the dust. This is the contagion risk. Honestly anyone stupid enough to invest in China this way deserves to lose their money... e.g. the "due diligence" by that German Marco guy was completely unnecessary. It would be obvious to anyone even slightly educated about China what would happen from the Evergrande situation.
As mentioned, in Adam's video he lays out a great thesis on how Evergrande is basically a big nothingburger. Here's his summary in a screenshot.
  • The CCP is a big bad.
  • The real estate bubble is unlike anything we can see in the west, and most people have no idea how or why it even exists in China. It's nothing like the housing bubble from 2008 in the US.
  • Evergrande is a side-effect of the CCP intentionally, in a controlled manner, popping their real estate bubble.
  • The contagion from China is largely weaponized, but will not be a 2008-style recession. The underlying state of affairs is not in any way similar to 2008. The primary objective is to maintain social order and stability, while harming the west by not paying foreign investors is merely weaponized a side-benefit (like an afterthought).
  • A market crash from Evergrande contagion will not happen. The CCP will not allow it, and they easily have the means to dismantle and deconstruct the situation in an orderly fashion. Please remember they must maintain face at all times.
  • CCP crackdowns are common and routine. The majority of them are "fake", merely lip-service used to maintain face. However, in rare cases the crackdowns are "real", sometimes with devastating consequences. The Evergrande situation is a "real" crackdown on Chinese real estate speculation.
  • The German Marco doctor is mostly a useless reference point and should be ignored.
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2021.12.07 06:36 Yhcti Week 14 MUST WIN - Which RB to start?

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2021.12.07 06:36 ElusiveMoth361 If u didn't know tht the dislikes update video had more dislikes than likes. #BringBackDislikes

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2021.12.07 06:36 Zeecko Though about my team

Infernape Gardevoir Garchomp Lucario Sceptile Gyrados
Any thought on this team? I havene played pokemon since black and white so just curious if people have faith in this team
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2021.12.07 06:36 maxsitailo Buckwheat seed. Why it is great for vegans and gluten intolerant

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2021.12.07 06:36 dejobaan Restaurant Solitaire Delicious Lunch - Cook a delicious lunch and enjoy it! 200 levels with a romantic lunch theme!

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2021.12.07 06:36 Celebrimbor_CFC Blocking the height of a block/table

Hey all,
For my Dashboard view, I want to limit the height of the linked database, is that possible? Or does it always expand to show all the items. Want to add that this is a filtered version so I already did my best to shorten it. =)
I know I can also use the toggle but that's something I don't prefer.
I really want to limit the height of it and want to be able to scroll through the table if I need.
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2021.12.07 06:36 SiBarge Finally finished my World Eaters although I think the shoulder pad looks a bit bare...

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