Is our Khun Aguero Agnis from the main bloodline of his family? in other words, he should have the full family power in his genes yes?

2022.01.17 08:05 DaenerysTargaryen69 Is our Khun Aguero Agnis from the main bloodline of his family? in other words, he should have the full family power in his genes yes?

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2022.01.17 08:05 redbooor Anyone here interested in live streaming?

I've had some interest in trying out live streaming. I like games and I figured why not live stream some games and try to connect with new people. So my question is if anyone here has tried live streaming / is currently live streaming? I'm interested in some of your experiences on the topic and maybe even some advice you'd have for beginners. I know there's the twitch subreddit but that's more for questions rather than casual discussion.
Also, if anyone else here is kind of starting out live streaming, feel free to pm me. Maybe we can support each other and help each other out in the beginning.
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2022.01.17 08:05 Dr_GIR Editorial: King's dream is quest for unity

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2022.01.17 08:05 Aggravating-Duck-345 Big things coming soon for BigBaby NFT

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2022.01.17 08:05 sc_sc_sc POLL: Mainstage patches - how much for a show?

Hi folks! I’ve been playing musical theatre pits for around 10 years and have built up a big collection of full show setups on Mainstage. I spotted that a lot of companies offer these for two weeks rental at a rate of anywhere between $250-500 for a set, which seems pricey to me… so, I was thinking of making an unofficial store online with my setups that anyone can download for a nominal fee. Hopefully helpful for other keyboardists out there and saves a bit of time.
With that in mind, what would you pay for a full set of Mainstage keys setups for a show? Would include all keys parts - e.g. Keys 1-3 for Les Mis or Keys 1+2 for Billy Elliot.
Thanks in advance!
View Poll
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2022.01.17 08:05 Comprehensive_Dark58 Can you guys recommend me some manhwas?

I like manhwas where mc is returns to past and becomes op by knowing the future or mc reincarnates to past and by knowing the future
Can you recommend me these ttypes of manhwas?
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2022.01.17 08:05 Dr_GIR Letter to the editor: Trump changed the Republican Party for the worse

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2022.01.17 08:05 franticyogi I will not keep my children’s baby teeth.

It’s just gross.
My youngest lost another tooth today, and I’m about to be the tooth fairy again. The tooth will go in the trash. I’m not keeping my children’s discarded body parts as keepsakes.
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2022.01.17 08:05 TheYardGoesOnForever revenge will be sweet

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2022.01.17 08:05 The_She_Ghost New job seems highly sketchy, your opinions are welcome

So few days ago I got a job as a personal assistant (wouldn’t have chosen this but right now: broke and been applying for a job for weeks) . Never been a personal assistant before so I really don’t know if what I’m about to describe is normal behavior:
My boss transferred money to my bank account and asked me to send it through cash app to a person (don’t know who this person is or what they do. It makes me uncomfortable that legally this is under my name (my bank) and I have no information as to who I’m sending this money to (obviously I asked and my boss said this is for charity but it could easily be a lie and I have no way of verifying this).
Let me also add that I still haven’t met my boss either in person or through zoom. He hired me based on my resume and a simple cover letter. He said he’s in a different country and will conduct the interview through zoom once he’s back (which doesn’t make sense, because if it’s through zoom it can be done from anywhere in the world and also why bother with an interview AFTER giving someone the job).
Another fishy detail: I didn’t sign any contracts or filled any papers for the job. He said the email saying « congratulations you got the job » is enough. I should mention this is a « part time » job so maybe it’s ok?
Most of all I have a really bad gut feeling about this. He wants this thing to be done very quickly the same day (wanting to mail me a check for the transfer, which obviously can’t happen in a day, so instead I dit the deposit through pictures with my bank’s app). He also became restless when my bank took its time to process it, and when we finally figured out why it was taking this long because it was a non-business day (Saturday) he had the nerve to ask me (repeatedly) to send the funds with my own money that same day and wait for the check to process to get refunded (which I obviously refused to do).
Today is also MLK day so again not a business day, so I will be doing the transfer on Tuesday but I’m kind of wondering if I should just refund the money and quit. I’m very uncomfortable about sending money with my name on it to a stranger for an unknown purpose.
What do you think? Any advice is deeply appreciated please.
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2022.01.17 08:05 EarthyFeet Variant World Championships

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2022.01.17 08:05 BoogeyNFT

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2022.01.17 08:05 Accidental_kochikame Question for those who have golden retriever

Can you please post your puppy's daily diet plan?
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2022.01.17 08:05 aafaqali How to Customize Boot-loader Warning prior to compiling ?

Hello I've Lineage-18.1 on my Motorola Kiev and I want to remove boot-loader warning with my own custom design screen, but I am unable to find where the boot-loader warning image is located in repository? It will be a great favor if anyone guide me through, about the boot-loader warning images.
Best Regards.
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2022.01.17 08:05 Clappedidiot This is my first season reset, I'm a little bit confused.

I had played valorant a little bit in mid 2021, but quit CS and made the switch to Valorant in mid december, I'm really loving it and I went straight into ranked after my 10 placement matches at the End of Act 3 and placed Platinum 3.
I managed to climb up to Diamond 3 before the season reset and now that the new act has started I was reset down to platinum 2. Now every game I have played I am playing with Immortal 2 or 3 last act, if I win I win 20-28ish depending on if I get the golden star bonus, when I lose I lose around 11.
My understanding is that your MMR stays similar to where it was prior to the reset, but maybe drops a little bit. So why am I playing against higher ranked players, when my MMR was around Diamond 3 / Immortal 1 at the end of the act?
Is it just because of the new season so it will take a couple weeks to balance out again? I'm trying to make the most of playing vs experienced players and also the larger ELO boosts upon winning matches, maybe I will be able to get that sweet immortal badge!
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2022.01.17 08:05 Head-Geologist-6022 What dumb ideas or solutions do you know that have worked?

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2022.01.17 08:05 Cryptoluck8 I need karma help

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2022.01.17 08:05 -Junoooo Stinger SMG vs Combat SMG

Stinger SMG vs Combat SMG So as many of you guys know we have the stinger SMG now which is considered to be the best SMG ever in Fortnite but if you guys remember when there was voting between Combat AR Vs Combat SMG and as most of you know Combat AR had more votes thus being added to the game.
Now the Stinger SMG dealt 22 damage per bullet (legendary rarity) before the recent nerf which gave it a 264 dps and after the nerf 240 dps.
On the other side the Combat SMG had the same fire rate at 12 but it did 2 more damage per bullet giving the Combat SMG 280 dps for the legendary rarity but the Common rarity Combat SMG has 240 dps which is exactly the same as the Legendary Stinger SMG and clearly thats better than the Stinger SMG now some of you guys are probably thinking it must have a larger bloom or some other kind of drawback to make it more balanced...welp no
The combat SMG and the Stinger SMG have a pretty identical bloom size and recoil which makes it very very strong.
Now I tried to bring all the similar things these 2 SMGs have and I want to ask you guys what do you think would've happened if Combat SMG was added instead the Combat AR. Would they make the Stinger SMG more balanced due to the feedback the Combat SMG could have received I want to hear your opinions on this and I believe that since the Combat AR has been tested in game they could possibly add it back in to the Chapter 3.
Stinger SMG
Combat SMG
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2022.01.17 08:05 Shouei7 BOUNCER MANGA

Guys as you know a new scanlation group (Peak Scans) has picked up bouncer we have also uploaded chap 31 and 32. I am also the owner of the group you can join us on our discord server to get latest updates
Hope you enjoy •We will keep doing our work ,It is not weekly upload but we are posting the chapter as soon as we finish.
Thank you
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2022.01.17 08:05 Mustachioed_Pizza Pineapple 🌲🍎

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2022.01.17 08:05 Tigreiarki Bright Ideas

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2022.01.17 08:05 Fsteak977 A Liberal Case for Extortion

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2022.01.17 08:05 SonjaDrechsler Lexi sexy Wedgie

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2022.01.17 08:05 Jesus_Cantona Could anyone turn these Horizontal Photos into Vertical Photos, Please.

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2022.01.17 08:05 HippidyHoppidy87 Peepee? Peepa....

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